Monday, February 07, 2005

Guided tour to Business Blogging

Again, from Cleve, via Jeffrey Hill, comes this guided tour to business blogging from Coudal Partners, who have this to say in their introduction:

"The speed with which weblogs have been integrated into the daily life of individuals an the web has been amazing to watch. On the other hand, the pace with which companies have adopted this technology has been surprisingly slow. We see the technology of the weblog as one that enables communication and makes publishing and communication, fast and efficient. People have done really splendid things with this simple set of tools. "

"The buzz factor has frequently overshadowed the simplicity of the process. There's one obvious point that businesses need to keep in mind. Weblogs can do as many things as communcators can dream up, except one. They can't write themselves. "

Incidently, Jeffrey Hill's Voiceblog looks definitely worth keeping an eye on, and he links to many business blogs of different categories that could be of interest (adverblogs, CEO blogs, company blogs, etc)


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