Monday, February 21, 2005

Blogs as breaking news, fresh ideas and expert commentary

The following quotation comes from a presentation held at the UCISA Web Liaison Forum, Weetwood Hall Leeds on 22 Nov 2004 by Derek Morrison, Director, Centre for the Development of New Technologies in Learning, University of Bath :

“ In our experience, if there is value in something
that is also easy/friendly to use, people will use it.
… The simplification of blogging tools, such as
those offered by, has allowed anyone
with an opinion and an Internet connection to
become a publisher, journalist, and editor (our
humble definition of a blogger) … Despite all the
noise and random content in blogs, many bloggers
have become sources for breaking news, fresh
ideas, and expert commentary….”

Source: Morgan Stanley October 2004: An Update from the Digital World

Auricle article 'Blog syndication as a business model?'


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